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DWM Platform

A digital platform that automates the entire wealth management workflow leveraging cutting-edge technology

A solution that automates the entire wealth management lifecycle, from customer profiling to portfolio creation to monitoring and rebalancing portfolios. It creates an ideal portfolios base on the customer risk profile, assesses investment propositions to maximize return, while monitoring and rebalancing for continued results.

Leverages  AI / Robotic technology

Self service client portal

Asset manager terminal

Tickers inventory

RM terminal 

Customer risk profiling

shutterstock_1064209877 (1).jpg

Alpha - Robo brain

Alpha is the robo brain to:

Optimize portfolios based on given constraints by asset manager

Trigger rebalancing on defined use cases

Monitor portfolio performance

Asset management terminals

Asset manager & compliance control dashboard to:

Define risk classes

Monitor customer onboarding

Monitor & approve trading orders

Define portfolios, back testing,...

Configure rebalancing

Customer access

  • Mobile/Web access

  • Customer interface for all functions:

  • Onboarding


  • KYC


  • Investment Plan Selection


  • Deposits/Withdrawal Requests

  • Investments Follow Up

Mobile Screen 3.png

Tickers inventory



Multi-asset classes

Currency conversion

Dividends/Coupons collection

Tax consideration

Ability to use any tradable instrument like:



Mutual Funds

Investment Strategies


Treasury Bills

Embrace the future of Investment

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